Student Exchange Destinations

Embark on a student exchange program and give yourself the opportunity to live like a local, improve your foreign language skills, make new friends and immerse yourself in a new culture. Enjoy life experience on a global stage.

Browse our key student exchange destinations below!

Student travel Australia to France

Do you have a passion for all things French? Are you learning the language and could you see yourself studying and exploring this beautiful country?

Student travel Australia to Italy

Could you see yourself exploring the beautiful streets of Rome, or indulging in the world famous art found in Florence all whilst studying… And eating pizza!

Student travel Australia to Spain

Hola! Does the thought of learning the second most spoken language in the world make you want to flamenco dance your way to Spain?

Germany is a combination of spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, quaint villages, modern architecture and fairy-tale palaces.

Exciting Argentina

Argentina is a vast country with a beautiful contrast of natural environments and metropolitan cities, making it an exciting country to study in!

School, work experience, lions, elephants, stunning landscapes and rich culture and history, South Africa has it all!

Experience school and life in a country that boasts old and new architecture, traditional and liberal cultures and a unique landscape of land and water. Experience The Netherlands.

Student Exchange Destinations | United States

Will the lure of dramatic landscapes, pop culture, high technologies and iconic cities lead you on a schooling adventure like no other?

Student Exchange Destinations | Canada

From dramatic landscapes to bustling cities and every town in between, experience student life in Canada!

Student Exchange Destinations | Mexico

A culturally rich and diverse country in Latin America where you can learn Spanish and eat tacos… Yes please!

Student Exchange Destinations | Brazil

Brazil, a country full of fun, interesting culture, outstanding natural wonders and a party experience like no where else in the world, carnival!

Experience first-hand the balance of rich culture, stunning landscapes and futuristic cities with an exchange to Japan.