Student Exchange to Denmark

Experience school and life in a country said to be home to some of the happiest people in the world, and why wouldn’t they be, with a high standard of living, a world class education system and all that crisp, ocean air?

From $8,700

Denmark is a fairytale for exchange students. The Nordic nation will enchant you with its stunning scenery, charming villages and warm hospitality. The Danes are said to be among the happiest people in the world, and why wouldn’t they be, with a high standard of living, a world class education system and all that crisp, ocean air?


As an exchange student, you will be welcomed into a supportive local family. Danish families are typically very close-knit, and prioritise spending time together. On weekends you may find yourself sailing, hiking or kayaking together, attending your host siblings’ sporting events, or spending a quiet and ‘hygge’ (cozy) afternoon at home. Danish families will usually cook and dine together – your host family will love learning about your own family recipes!


Danish parents place a lot of trust and responsibility in their children. Families work as a team, with chores divided equitably, as in many Australian households. Open and honest communication is valued, as are punctuality and planning.


The trust and respect placed on Danish children extends to school life as well. You may be surprised at the level of freedom and independence enjoyed by students in Danish schools. Of course, with this freedom comes responsibility – you will no doubt gain maturity and insight from the experience, and it will go some way to prepare you for life after high school. As bicycles are ubiquitous in Denmark, it is highly likely that you will peddle to school for a typical school day, beginning at around 8:00am and finishing at 4:00pm. School uniforms are not worn.


By going on exchange to Denmark, you can embrace the fun challenge of learning Danish – a language you are unlikely to have studied here in Australia. English is widely spoken in Denmark, and the Danes will be very supportive of your language learning journey. Just think how cool it will be to be able to tell people upon your return that you know Danish!


This spectacular Scandinavian country promises so much for the exchange student, from its rugged outdoors to the cool capital of Copenhagen. Its openminded and well-educated people will both challenge and enrich your experience, leaving you with warm memories and an expanded outlook on life.

A cornerstone of Danish gastronomy is the iconic smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich typically featuring rye bread topped with an array of toppings, from pickled herring and eggs to cold cuts and cheeses.


The Danish are renowned for their love of seafood, with dishes like stegt flæsk (crispy pork belly) and frikadeller (meatballs) being popular comfort foods.

Denmark boasts a welldeveloped, efficient and extensive public transport system consisting of trains, buses, and ferries, making it convenient for residents and visitors alike to traverse the country with ease.


Copenhagen, the capital, has a sophisticated metro system and Denmark’s reliance on bicycles is ingrained in its culture, with wellmaintained cycling paths in cities and towns.

Denmark experiences a temperate maritime climate characterized by mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and relatively cool summers.


Average winter temperatures hover around freezing, while summers are pleasantly cool, with average highs ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

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