Would you like to be an exchange student in Germany? Experience a full cultural immersion! Live and study like a local German student.




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Would you like to be an exchange student in Germany? Experience a full cultural immersion by living and studying like a local German student.


Germany is a combination of spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, picturesque villages, besides modern architecture and fairy-tale palaces.  The country is also home to a wealth of culture. Enjoy museums, art and world-renowned orchestras. In addition to rich culture, Germany has the world’s fourth largest economy.


Berlin is the capital of Germany. Since its re-unification it became a unique place to visit. The city is vibrant and contrasts between the old and new. It is home to 175 museums and many buildings that mark milestones in history.


Munich is the capital of Bavaria with medieval architecture, a thriving café scene as well as beautiful city parks. The Rhine River region is not only famous waterway with the Rhine Valley but also for a landscape of castles and terraced vineyards.

Students of the World offers many program opportunities for you to experience Germany. All summer arrivals to Germany meet in Cologne for a 3 day orientation with a local co-ordinator. Students are hosted all over Germany, in both rural and also city locations.


Germany has a very good public school system. Our international students attend a local Gymnasium close to the host family’s home. If the school is not within walking distance, the students might go to school by bus, tram or bicycle.


German families raise their children to be quite independent and self-reliant. This can be very beneficial for our students.

Germans are famous for their traditional German foods such as bratwurst, pretzel, sauerkraut and schnitzel.


However, they have adapted customs from their European neighbours and there are many different foods on offer.


Depending on the region, you will find a big variety of foods. Many of them rich and hearty and all are delicious.

Transport in Germany is very efficient, and usually allows many city residence to live without a car.

Cities and regional towns are very well connected by trains, trams and buses.

The high season in Germany is during July and August. Many people holiday in both the seaside and mountain resorts. Moreover, there are many festivals that are held throughout the country.


The low season runs from November to March.  During this time people participate in indoor activities such as the theatre, concerts and the opera.  Ski resorts are busiest in January and February.


From April to June and September to October the weather is sunny and temperate is ideal for being outdoors.  During this time flowers are blooming and the gardens and parks are stunning.