Would you like to go on student exchange in France? Do you have a passion for all things French? Are you learning the language and could you see yourself studying and exploring this beautiful country?


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Would you like to go on a student exchange in France?


Ranked as the number one tourist destination in the world, France is both a beautiful and important cultural centre. The country is known not only for its elegant language and architecture but also for fashion and sophisticated food.  Moreover, France has 37 sites in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and features cities of high cultural interest, beaches, alps and rural regions that are famous for their beauty and tranquillity.


The French language has a long history as an international language of literature and is famously described as the language of love. In addition, it is also the second most studied language around the world.


If you would like to go on a student exchange to France, then picture yourself living in a delightful French village, immersed in the stunning language and rich traditions that the country has to offer. Furthermore, imagine on your walk to school, stopping by the local boulangeries to pick up a sneaky croissant or pain au chocolat, before heading to school to learn with all the other students from the village.


Most students attend school from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. However, they have a relatively long lunch break, between 1-2-hours.  During your school stay, the opportunity may arise to assist the local teachers with their English classes, which is a great opportunity to see how they teach your native language.


Students can attend school in various regions of France, including some of our most popular locations for home-stay and schooling.  These regions include Provence, Ile de France and Aquitaine.

The French definitely know good food, from their crunchy baguettes made fresh daily, to decadent pastries and sweets, they have it all.


But they really love their cheese! They eat about 25kg of cheese per person each year, making them the biggest cheese eaters in the world!


They also have some other interesting dishes worth trying, such as escargot and les cuisses de grenouille… Will you give these a go? Don’t forget to say Bon Appetit before each meal.

France has great public transport – from the underground metro systems to their TGV (fast trains).


Transport is not at a great cost and is typically easy to follow.

The weather in France can vary dramatically depending on where you are; a Mediterranean climate on the southern coast; temperate climate around the rolling hills of the east; the French Alps have more extreme weather (perfect for skiing); and Paris, north and west France have warm summers and cold winters.


Something for everyone.