Could you see yourself on student exchange in Italy? Exploring the beautiful streets of Rome, or indulging in the world famous art found in Florence all whilst studying… And eating pizza!



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Can you see yourself on student exchange in Italy? Italy is a country of beauty – food, language, architecture, churches and fashion.  Furthermore, it excels in natural beauty as can be seen with its coastline, beaches and mountains.  The country has a rich and colourful history. It have been home to many European cultures, such as the Etruscans and the Romans and later the birthplace of the Renaissance period.


Moreover, it is easy to understand why Italy has long remained one of the most favoured tourist destinations. More than 40 million tourists flocking to its shores each year.


Experience the beauty of Italy as more than a tourist by immersing yourself in an Italian Family.  For instance, imagine sitting around the table speaking Italian with your host family while eating one of Nonna’s delicious pastas.  Similarly, imagine strolling the cobblestoned streets with your host sibling – gelato in hand.  Or imagine gazing at the beauty of one of Michelangelo’s works of art or visiting one of the great archaeological sites that reveals rich insights into past civilizations.


The experiences are endless and diverse. From beaches to explore along with coastal fishing villages to mountains and lakes.  Furthermore, Italy is also home to luxury sports cars, and you can visit the Ferrari factory in Modena. For sports enthusiasts, experience the passion and excitement of an Italian football game – Italy’s favourite national sport.


Regarding school, the structure is different to Australia.  For instance, most students attend from Monday to Friday between 8am and 1pm. During your school stay, the opportunity may arise to assist the local teachers with their English classes.


Importantly, there are also opportunities to participate in one of the school’s sporting teams or local cooking classes. Food is culturally very important in Italy.  For example, every region in Italy has a specialty dish and learning how to cook traditional Italian cuisine will make you very popular when you return home!


Outside of school hours, students are free to return home and join their family for a long lunch.  After that, students normally meet their friends in the local piazza to go for a walk (passeggiata), hangout or maybe grab a gelato.

Italians take their food quite seriously.


The main meal of the day is lunch, and you can expect a long lunch with the family. Traditionally consists of around five or six courses.


Imagine a table set with home grown fruits, fresh bread, an array of cold meats, local cheeses and the tastiest tomatoes you’ve ever tried. And of course some home-made pasta!

Transport in Italy is affordable, quick and efficient.


Trains are reasonably priced, depart frequently and cover the country extensively.


Buses are cheaper, slower and best used for getting to more remote villages that are not serviced by trains.

From the Alpine climate of the snow-capped mountains of the north to the Mediterranean climate with year round warmth in the south, Italy’s climate has something for everyone.


From beaches to mountains and everything in between.