Student Exchange to Italy

Could you see yourself on a student exchange to Italy? Exploring the beautiful streets of Rome, or indulging in the world famous art found in Florence all while studying… and eating pizza!



From $7,400



Italy, a country renowned for its beauty, encompasses a wide array of captivating features, from its delectable cuisine and breathtaking architecture to its picturesque coastline, mountains, and charming language. With a history deeply intertwined with various European cultures, including the Etruscans, Romans, and the birthplace of the Renaissance.


Italian schools adhere to a Monday to Saturday schedule, typically starting at 8 am and concluding between 1 pm and 2 pm. Rather than students changing classrooms for each lesson, they remain in the same class with the same classmates throughout the year. It is the teachers who rotate classrooms. Class sizes average around 20 students per classroom, fostering a conducive learning environment. While there is a cafeteria on the school grounds, it is common for students to return home for lunch and enjoy a meal with their families. Afternoons may be dedicated to extracurricular activities such as theater, foreign language courses, Italian language for foreigners, or cultural visits, although many extracurricular activities are pursued privately.


A typical day in Italy begins with waking up around 6:30 am to 7 am, followed by breakfast. Students then make their way to school either by public transport or on foot. Dinner, a cherished time for Italian families to connect and converse, is usually served between 7 pm and 9 pm. It provides an ideal opportunity to share stories with your host family about your day’s adventures. As food and communal meals hold great importance in Italian culture, it is essential to respect and embrace this cherished time spent together.


Italian families exude vibrancy and warmth, often displaying animated conversations that might appear loud or intense to outsiders, this is simply a reflection of their passionate nature. Host families expect exchange students to actively participate in language learning, contribute to household chores, and fully engage in shared mealtimes. By embracing these expectations, you will forge deeper connections, gain a deeper understanding of Italian culture, and create lasting memories with your Italian host family.



Italians take their food quite seriously.


With the main meal of the day being lunch, you can expect a long lunch with the family, traditionally consisting of around five or six courses.


Imagine a table set with home grown fruits, fresh bread from the local baker, an array of cold meats, local cheeses, the tastiest tomatoes you’ve ever tried and homemade pasta….!

Italian Public Transport

Transport in Italy is affordable, quick and efficient.


Trains are reasonably priced, depart frequently and cover the country extensively.


Buses are cheaper, slower and best used for getting to more remote villages that are not serviced by trains.

Italian Climate

From the Alpine climate of the snow-capped mountains of the north to the Mediterranean climate with year-round warmth in the south, Italy’s climate has something for everyone.


From beaches to mountains and everything in between.

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