Why go on a student exchange to Europe?

A European student exchange offers so much.


Those who love history and art will relish the opportunity to spend months deeply immersed in such rich artistic and historical traditions, while the nature lovers will marvel at the stunning European landscapes and the changing seasons. Of course, the foodies will be in heaven, especially in France and Italy!


Wherever in Europe you end up, you will develop a deeper understanding of a new culture and language and a create life-long connection (and possible obsession!) with your chosen host country. Above all, it is the relationships you form that will impact upon you the most, and the memories will stay with you for life.

How to choose your student exchange country  

The process of going on exchange that matters more than the destination itself.

Still, it is useful to think through a number of issues when deciding on your exchange country.

Discover a Student Exchange to Europe


French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch or Danish

Learning an additional language has many benefits: Cognitively, it will flex and strengthen your brain. Socially, it will expand your world. Personally, you will also gain a strong sense of achievement and come home feeling very proud of yourself! It may even lead to a future career as an interpreter, linguist, foreign correspondent, diplomat, or any number of other possibilities!


Which language would you like to learn? Maybe you have had some experience before with learning a language, or know others who speak one of these languages? Do you like the sound of a Latin language like French, Italian or Spanish, or a Germanic language like German, Dutch or Danish? Maybe you are studying one of the languages or have plans to study one at uni.


Being a speaker of English already puts you at an advantage, as English is a Germanic language with strong influence from Latin languages, so you will find that there are some similarities. And of course, all these languages use the same alphabet as English (give or take a few letters), so reading and writing won’t present a huge challenge for you.

A note on dialects and minority languages

Each of the European countries that we offer has a standard language spoken at a national level – for example, Spanish in Spain or Dutch in The Netherlands. You should also be aware that the area you are ultimately placed in may also have a local language, which could be a dialect or a different language altogether! For example, if you apply to go to The Netherlands, you may be placed in an area where a non-standard dialect of Dutch is spoken. In Spain you could be placed in a region where the main language spoken is Catalan or Basque. Language variation is normal across Europe, as is multilingualism, so it is quite likely that even if you are placed in an area that has a local regional language or dialect, that the standard language is also spoken in that community.


What are your passions?
Maybe a particular country will allow you to experience one of your interests in a more immersive way.

For example, we have had had students who are passionate about French cooking choose France so they can soak up those flavours and develop their skills even further. Other students have been history enthusiasts and have chosen Italy, as the heart of the Roman Empire. Think about the things you love, and which  country might offer opportunities to further pursue those interests.

Your family

Many students use their exchange as a chance to connect with the culture of their older relatives. Perhaps you have Italian grandparents, and going to Italy would be a wonderful way to keep the culture and language of your family alive.

Maybe one of your parents was born in Germany and you grew up hearing stories about Germany and practising German traditions. Spending your exchange year there will help you to further develop that cultural connection and develop a deeper understanding of where you come from.

Student Exchange to Europe | Paris
Australian exchange student snowboarding in Germany

Roll the dice!

Remember that every student exchange experience is different. Even within the same country there is a vast array of exchange experiences.

Factors other than country come into play, such as your host family, your school, the region, or the neighbourhood. So why not throw caution to the wind and just go with whatever country you feel like, and don’t overthink it! As we stated above, ultimately it is the experience of going on exchange itself that is the most significant thing. Wherever you go, you will have the same opportunity to learn, grow and have fun, provided you have an open mind are willing to embrace the challenges.

Still can’t decide? Call us to talk through your options!

European Countries For Student Exchange

Student travel Australia to France

La belle France is the most visited country in the world for good reason. Discover the real France and gain a deeper understanding of French culture by living as a local.

Student travel Australia to Italy

Italy is famous for its food, but as an exchange student you will experience more than just a taste – you will feast on banquet of rich cultural traditions.

Student travel Australia to Spain

Viva la vida en España! Not only will you learn about the diverse cultural landscape of Spain, but you will come home speaking the second-most spoken language in the world.

There is much to like about Germany, from the countryside to the cool cities, but going on exchange will allow you to get to know the German people themselves. The direct yet friendly Germans will welcome you with open arms.

Australian exchange students going to the Netherlands

Viva la vida en España! Not only will you learn about the diverse cultural landscape of Spain, but you will come home speaking the second-most spoken language in the world.

Student Exchange to Europe | Denmark

Italy is famous for its food, but as an exchange student you will experience more than just a taste – you will feast on banquet of rich cultural traditions.

If you are set on a European exchange but want a cool alternative to the ever-popular Italy-France-Germany trio, consider Estonia.

Process of going on a
student exchange to Europe

Ready to take the first step? Here is what to do.

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  2. A Students of the World team member will email you to arrange a call with one or both of your parents/caregivers
  3. During this call we will work out the best option for your exchange – your destination, length of stay, month of departure, etc
  4. We send you an application package