Why go on a student exchange to the Americas?

A student exchange offers so much.


The Americas – a vast land mass comprising North and South America – offer an exciting range of possibilities for your student exchange. We send students to Canada, the USA, Mexico and Argentina. Within each of these countries you will find rich and varied cultures and striking natural environments. There is something for everyone – some students love to dive into the US culture that we all grow up enjoying via pop culture; others relish the breathtaking natural wonders and icy cold winters of Canada. Further south you can explore the truly magical cultures of Mexico and Argentina.

How to choose your student exchange country  

The process of going on exchange that matters more than the destination itself.

Still, it is useful to think through a number of issues when deciding on your exchange country.

Student Exchange to America


French, English, Spanish

You could learn French in Canada, or Spanish in Mexico or Argentina. You may even pick up a little Spanish if you go to the USA!


Learning an additional language has many benefits: Cognitively, it will flex and strengthen your brain. Socially, it will expand your world. Personally, you will also gain a strong sense of achievement and come home feeling very proud of yourself! It may even lead to a future career as an interpreter, linguist, foreign correspondent, diplomat, or any number of other possibilities!


What are your passions? Maybe a particular country will allow you to experience one of your interests in a more immersive way.

Some students indulge their passion for sports by attending school in the USA, where they can try out gridiron or baseball or just attend the high school football games for the atmosphere. Maybe you are obsessed with Mexican food and want to learn (and eat!) more. Think about the things you love, and which country might offer opportunities to further pursue those interests.

Your family

Many students use their exchange as a chance to connect with the culture of their older relatives. 

Perhaps you have Canadian grandparents, and going to Canada would be a wonderful way to keep the culture alive in your family. Maybe one of your parents lived in Argentina when they were younger and you grew up hearing stories about it and drinking matés. Spending your exchange year there will help you to further develop that cultural connection and develop a deeper understanding of where you come from.

Student Exchange to America
Student Exchange to America | New York

Roll the dice!

Remember that every student exchange experience is different. Even within the same country there is a vast array of exchange experiences.

Factors other than country come into play, such as your host family, your school, the region, or the neighbourhood. So why not throw caution to the wind and just go with whatever country you feel like, and don’t overthink it! As we stated above, ultimately it is the experience of going on exchange itself that is the most significant thing. Wherever you go, you will have the same opportunity to learn, grow and have fun, provided you have an open mind are willing to embrace the challenges.

Still can’t decide? Call us to talk through your options!

Countries for student exchange in The Americas

Australian exchange students going to America

Embrace the American high school experience and all that it entails, from the cafeterias to the pep rallies.

Australian exchange students going to Canada

Strap on your hiking boots, get rugged up and venture into the great outdoors on your Canadian exchange.

Australian exchange students going to Mexico

The rich and varied cultural landscape of Mexico will light a flame in your heart that will never be put out.

Exciting Argentina

Love Europe but want something more for your exchange? Argentina’s strong Spanish and Italian influences mixed with Indigenous and African cultures will fill up your cup.

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Process for going on a student
exchange to The Americas

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  4. We send you an application package