Go Campus USA College Exchange

Go Campus

What is Go Campus?

Students of the World in partnership with Go Campus can arrange to send a university student to study in America at a college or university.


Through Go Campus students can access undergraduate and graduate programs. Students are guaranteed to receive academic scholarships. Selection of a program is based on the applicants level of studies or academic performance.


Go Campus are dedicated to matching international students with the best American universities and will arrange everything from the admission process, screening and selection through to assistance with the preparation of documents.

How is it Different?

What’s the difference between a college and university in America?

A college offers a set of degrees in one specific area whereas a university has a collection of colleges.  For example, students attending a university will graduate from one of the colleges, such as the College of Business or College of Engineering.


There is no difference in terms of quality between a college and a university.

Why Study in North America?

Are the colleges and universities any good?

North American universities are internationally recognised for their quality teaching, facilities and resources. American universities largely dominate the top 50 universities worldwide.


Furthermore, academic degrees obtained in North America are widely recognised within national and international employment markets.

Campus Life

Is the college learning experience confined to the classroom? 

Life outside the classroom is vibrant and stimulating allowing every student to take an active role in the life of the college or university. For instance,  extracurricular activities such as, sports, band or writing for the university newspaper play a vibrant role outside the classroom and add to the study experience.


Where do students live?

Students are encouraged to live on campus at university residence halls or apartments.  This is a great opportunity for a student to fully immerse themselves in the overall experience of studying in America.  It also offers a convenient, safe and fun environment as well as providing students with access to a range of services such as meal plans.