Student Exchange in USA

From $9,150

With our United States high school exchange program, you can go on on a classic exchange or, for additional costs, you can choose your own adventure!


In the classic program, you embrace the spirit of the student exchange and are open to being placed with a host family and school anywhere at all in the United States.


If you prefer to have more control over your placement, we have the Choice Plus, Private or Preferred Private programs available, with different levels of choice.

Public School

Placement anywhere in US

Public School

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Private school

Placement in one of your 3 chosen schools

Private school

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Attending high school in the United States of America as an exchange student offers a unique and immersive educational experience. Alongside the excitement of living with a host family, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the American education system, which is known for its diversity, extracurricular activities, and academic opportunities.


In the United States, the school year typically spans from early September to May or June, divided into two semesters: Fall (September to December) and Spring (January to May). A typical day in an American high school starts around 8:00 am and concludes in the afternoon, typically between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm. The school week runs from Monday to Friday, allowing weekends for leisure and exploration. Class sizes can vary depending on the school and location, but typically range from 20 to 30 students, ensuring a conducive learning environment and ample opportunities for interaction with classmates and teachers.


High schools in America offer a wide range of subjects and electives, allowing you to explore your interests and passions. From science, mathematics, and literature to arts, music, and sports, there is something for everyone. In addition to the core academic curriculum, you may have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, theater productions, and community service projects, providing a well-rounded educational experience.


Living with a host family during your exchange program will immerse you in American culture and foster a deeper understanding of daily life in the United States. Your host family will provide you with support, guidance, and a warm environment that will make you feel like a member of their family. Sharing meals, engaging in conversations, and participating in family activities will allow you to develop lifelong connections and gain insights into American customs and traditions.


Get ready to embark on a schooling experience like no other, where you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant American culture, forge lifelong connections, and expand your horizons in the land of endless possibilities. The United States of America eagerly awaits your arrival as an exchange student, ready to offer you an extraordinary educational adventure.

American Food

The American cuisine blends the culinary contributions of various groups of people from around the world.


Some of their most famous dishes are apple pie, hamburger, clam chowder, deep dish pizza, bagel and lox, barbecue ribs, Thanksgiving turkey, mac & cheese, peanut butter sandwich, fried chicken and waffles plus many more.

American Public Transport

Depending on the city where you go, you might have the option of bus, train, subway and ferry.

American Weather

Being a huge country, the United States is home to a wide variety of climates.


However, in general it has a continental climate, with cold winters
(often frigid) and hot summers (sometimes very hot), with some exceptions on the west coast with moderate temperatures year round, down south being more humid and even tropical and the desert areas having freezing winters and scorching summers.